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The Laforet Family Tradition Lives on at Arby’s in Windsor

By Raj Prashad

For years, Paul and Marguerite Laforet cherished their Wednesday date nights at Arby’s. The couple lovingly called it “sandwich and a coffee night” when they made the short trek over to Arby’s in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

“My grandparents started this tradition after they retired and they so looked forward to their Wednesday nights at Arby’s,” Michelle Laforet said. “My grandmother would put on a nice blouse and slacks, and my grandfather dressed up in a jacket and tie.”

The couple ordered their usual — Paul a Beef ‘N Cheddar and Marguerite a Classic Roast Beef — before enjoying a cup of coffee across from each other in their favorite booth. So when Paul passed away in 2009 and Marguerite in 2014, the Laforet family wanted to do something special to honor their loved ones.

Michelle’s uncle, Richard, sent an invitation to the family in 2015 to meet up on Paul and Marguerite’s wedding anniversary at the Windsor Arby’s. The meetup was so successful that every year for the past five years, they’ve continued that tradition, most recently celebrating what would have been Paul and Marguerite’s 80th wedding anniversary.

“This year, 28 of us met at the Arby’s in Windsor, and those who couldn’t make it, went to their local Arby’s to have a Roast Beef sandwich in their honor,” Michelle Laforet said.

For the Laforet family, this has become a family reunion of sorts. From the oldest family member, 78, to the youngest, 3, it’s a tradition that’s unique to them.

“Every time I drive by the restaurant, I smile because I can’t go by without thinking of them,” Michelle Laforet said. “Arby’s is forever connected to my grandparents.”

Although they recently celebrated Paul and Marguerite, the Laforet family is already looking forward to next year, which just so happens to fall on a Wednesday.