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A Very Berry National Strawberry Ice Cream Day at Baskin-Robbins

This National Strawberry Ice Cream Day, indulge your taste buds with Baskin-Robbins’ delicious Very Berry Strawberry ice cream. This classic flavor looks like sweetness and tastes refreshingly fruity, combining a creamy strawberry base with real strawberries to take it to the next level.

Very Berry Strawberry ice cream is as good as ice cream gets. Made with colors from fruits and vegetables, this beautifully blush ice cream is the perfect way to sweeten any craving. Compared to most ice creams in the industry using strawberries that are broken into little pieces, Baskin-Robbins’ uses real strawberries that are carefully mixed in the ice cream to preserve larger chunks for that bursting strawberry flavor.

Perfect in a freshly baked, chocolate-dipped waffle cone, a Very Berry Strawberry Milkshake or as a layer in one of Baskin-Robbins’ signature Ice Cream Cakes, Very Berry Strawberry is sure to leave you with a sweet taste. You can enjoy your Very Berry Strawberry ice cream right at home with “no contact” delivery via DoorDash or Uber Eats or you can place your order at or through the Baskin-Robbins mobile app (available for download through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store) for pickup via drive-thru, carry-out or curbside where available.