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Washington Arby’s Makes Jesse’s Dream Come True

By Raj Prashad

For Arby’s superfan Jesse Eischen, each trip to Arby’s is a special one. The restaurant is his “favorite place in the world,” and he even has a go-to meal, consisting of a French Dip, Curly Fries and a side of cheese sauce.

In 2018, Jesse was rewarded for his Arby’s fandom when he was named an “Arby’s VIP” at his local restaurant in Vancouver, Washington. He received a certificate from the restaurant as well as a gift card and an Arby’s branded shirt and hat. Over the next year, he wore the shirt proudly and set a goal to one day work at Arby’s.

Recently, Jesse’s sister got in touch with Jodee Phillips, Director of Operations for Arby’s franchisee MarLu Investment Group, and asked if Arby’s could fulfill Jesse’s dream of working at the restaurant. For Jodee, there was no question about it.

She spoke with Tammy LaPlant-Cody, General Manager of the Mill Plain Arby’s, who brought Jesse in for an interview and found that he would be the perfect candidate for the busy lunch rush on Sundays by greeting guests and tending to their tables.

“He comes in so happy,” Tammy said.

“His enthusiasm is infectious and he has this ability to make everyone around him smile. He works with such a great attitude and such pride, we’re really lucky to have him.”

Since joining Arby’s, Jesse has been an inspiration to his team members and guests thanks to his positive outlook and hardworking nature.

“Anytime you can touch the life of someone, it gives you a sense of pride and happiness. As much as we’re providing him a job opportunity, he’s giving us so much passion for the job that he does,” Jodee said.

“Jesse truly has found happiness here. I really think he’s found his purpose, and that’s what it means to work at Arby’s.”