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Buffalo Wild Wings

Why Buffalo Wild Wings Was the Right Fit for Roz Mallet’s Non-Traditional Portfolio

By Raj Prashad

When Roz Mallet started PhaseNext Hospitality as a multi-concept operator, her transition into franchising was really about taking the next step in her career. After years in corporate organizational leadership roles, her move to the entrepreneurial side of the business came with a strategic focus on non-traditional business development.

“Because of my background on the franchisor side, I knew and understood franchising very well,” Mallet said. “One of the things I knew, in non-traditional, being a person of color, being a woman, being a minority, there were opportunities to become an Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise. So my development strategy of going into franchising and non-traditional venues made sense.”

After almost a year of working on her development strategy, Mallet launched her business in 2009 with a portfolio that to this day includes Buffalo Wild Wings within airports and military bases across the country.

“I was attracted to Buffalo Wild Wings because of the brand experience. It’s different than your typical casual dining,” Mallet said. “I had a lot of respect for what the brand was doing and how it was growing. I like the menu variety and it’s very strong on the alcohol side in terms of beer sales. I think (Executive Chef) Jamie (Carawan) has done a very nice job on menu expansion and items like the quality burgers have worked very well for non-traditional military bases and airports.”

Currently, Mallet operates three Buffalo Wild Wings locations in the Atlanta airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul airport and Ft. Bliss Army base in El, Paso, Texas. She’s also signed an agreement for two additional locations to open in the coming years.

“Buffalo Wild Wings, at its best, has a very good opportunity for profit,” Mallet said. “At the end of the day, the creativity around the new prototype and what we’re working on tell me that the brand has a lot of runway in front of it. The new Buffalo Wild Wings GO prototype offers the brand a lot more flexibility in terms of serving style and using a smaller space vs. a full-size store.”

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