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Why I Ask

By Dan Stephens, Development Manager, Arby’s Foundation

From the frontlines to franchisees, every single person across the Arby’s organization has the ability to make a difference by asking: “Would you like to donate $1 to Make A Difference for America’s kids?”

What the Foundation does is important, but the why behind the ask is even more powerful. As we get ready to kick off the Make A Difference Campaign on September 10, we asked our team members to share why they make the ask. Here’s what they had to say, in 50 words or less:

“I make the ask because I was underprivileged as a child myself, so I know what it’s like.” Troy Russell, GM Trainee, Arby’s Restaurant #8523

“I ask because I wonder if I don’t, who will?” Denise Nelson, General Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #5761

“By combining our efforts in charitable works, we bring people together to work toward the greater good and impact positive change. Every child deserves a chance to have the brightest future possible.” Scott Beavers, President, Beavers, Inc.

“I make the ask because it’s no big deal when people say ‘no,’ but when they say, ‘yes,’ it inspires me.” Beth Vanderheyden, Area Supervisor, FX4, LLC

“$1 is a small amount for one person to give but collectively can make a huge difference.” Jay Johnson, Vice President, FX4, LLC

“If we don’t, who will? We need to stand up for each other so we can make a difference. Even if $1,$2, or $3 seems small, it makes a big impact.” Brooklyn, Cashier, Arby’s Restaurant #7039

“I ask because for some children we are their only voice. They need to know people do care enough to help.” Brendan Hunt, Assistant Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #6679

“When I encounter the opportunity to make a difference, I do it because it’s an ongoing process that leads to change and allows me to touch somebody’s life.” Darlene Woolcott, Assistant Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #8435

“Everyone should do a good deed no matter how little you think it is. It can make a big difference to others in need.” Hope Pups, General Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #7508

“I have witnessed firsthand our donations staying here locally. It’s so amazing to be a small part of something so beneficial and special.” Larry Best, General Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #8251

“For a two second question, requiring a one second answer to better someone’s life and to keep them fed for several hours: the question should be, why not?” Billy, General Manager, Arby’s Restaurant #7145

“These children are our future employees, our future managers, our future leaders. We have the ability to make a colossal impact by one small gesture at a time.” Linda Morse, Vice President of Operations, Carisch, Inc.

Every ask and every donation helps the Foundation support childhood hunger, youth leadership and career readiness initiatives.

I know why I ask. Do you?