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Women’s Integrated Network Spotlight: Anh-Dao Kefor

During Women’s History Month, Inspire celebrates the stories of our corporate and franchise team members, as well as franchisees as we reflect on the significant roles that women have played in shaping American history. 

Today, we spoke with Anh-Dao Kefor, who is a Brand Marketing Manager and has worked on the Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins brands for 13 years. She is also the co-chair of the Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins Women’s Integrated Network Employee Resource Group (wIN ERG), which is dedicated to uniting team members to empower and accelerate the development of women leaders, build community and drive innovation that grows share of the women’s market.

Why is being a member of the wIN ERG important to you?  

We have such an incredible network of women in the company, so harnessing all of this talent and energy to create opportunities, awareness and advocacy is powerful and critical to the progress and success of our brands.

What are your goals as a member of wIN ERG?  

My goals as the co-chair of wIN is to help build and facilitate a strong community, camaraderie and connections within the company. Over the past year, we’ve had great initiatives with our working parents community, circle mentoring and speaker series. We’ve also seen excellent engagement within our international and regional field groups, too.  

What does Women’s History Month mean to you?  

It presents an opportunity to reflect on hardship and heroic movements of the past that have paved the way for us today. Quite literally without women, there would be no history at all. It’s also an opportunity to continue to push past outdated boundaries and expectations.  Women are making history every day and we should make that a permanent energy.  

How are you celebrating women’s achievements?  

I love diving into stories of the past to seek inspiration and have been reading a series of books with my kids called, “Little People, Big Dreams” and “Ordinary People Change the World.” These stories showcase the power of ordinary people leading outstanding accomplishments in history. The stories are rooted in building compassion, kindness and justice. Some of our favorites are Georgia O’Keefe, Harriet Tubman, Maria Montesorri, Jane Goodall and Megan Rapinoe. We should be sharing these stories regularly, especially with our next generation of leaders.  

Is there a particular woman in history that has influenced you in either your personal life or career? 

My grandmother was the encapsulation of the Shakespeare quote, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” She was a petite powerhouse. After fleeing from Vietnam in 1975, she re-established a life in the U.S. for her family and worked her way up in hospitality for 20 years, establishing a reputation for her consistent demonstration of pure good will – every action positively impacted another person. She was self-taught in English and had so many admirable characteristics – courage, sacrifice, devotion, generosity, kindness and love.  

A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. How can you help forge a gender equal world?  

Advocate and root for the everyday and breakthrough accomplishments of our female team members, who are constantly driving the business.  Continuing to forge positive visibility of women is an essential to driving change.  

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