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Inside Scoop: The Story Behind Baskin-Robbins’ OREO ‘n Cold Brew

By Jeremie Smith

March has become the month of cold brew for Dunkin’ and Baskin-Robbins. Following Dunkin’s recent release of Cold Brew with Sweet Cold Foam, Baskin-Robbins announced its March Flavor of the Month: OREO® ‘n Cold Brew.

This new scoop features chunks of OREO® cookies and a crispy chocolate cookie ribbon, swirled into cold brew-flavored ice cream. Using real cold brew concentrate, this flavor packs a rich and authentic cold brew taste while the cookie ribbon provides a delightful texture. The cookie pieces create added crunch with sweet pockets of smooth crème.

According to Baskin-Robbins Research & Development Senior Technologist Hanna Long, the Research & Development team’s process for developing any new flavor begins with initial ideation – often using paper concepts and drawing them out. From there, the team will narrow down and pick a few paths to test out in the lab and bring to life.

“We collaborate closely with our counterparts along the way in both marketing and commercialization,” said Long. “When targeting a specific food or beverage like this one, we often taste the real thing and deconstruct it to make sure the important elements are there to really deliver on the concept.”

Drawing inspiration from Dunkin’ Cold Brew, the team developed the flavor using real cold brew extract to flavor the ice cream and give the scoop that authentic cold brew taste.

“This flavor is an evolution of a previous concept we created called Cookies ‘N Cappuccino in 2018,” said Long. “It was a strong flavor, but as we saw success from our September 2018 International Flavor of the Month: Cold Brew Crunch, we knew we had a winning base and wanted to expand upon it and create additional flavors.”

Adding OREO® cookies and a cookie ribbon made for the perfect additions to the cold brew base.

“Coffee and chocolate and coffee and cream are both classic combinations,” Long said. “OREO® brings both the chocolate cookie and cream filling to fully balance and sweeten the cold brew coffee flavor.”

A similar concept has also been released internationally – marking the first time since September 2015 that the same flavor profile is the brand’s Flavor of the Month for both the U.S. and International markets at the same time.

“Our U.S. and International teams are always working closely together and talking flavors and global trends,” said Director of Research & Development and Culinary Jeanne Bolger. “The U.S. and International cold brew markets have experienced explosive growth over the past few years and the timing seemed right to launch this cookies and cold brew flavor in both markets.”

As good as OREO® ‘n Cold Brew is to scoop, Long and Bolger say it’s even better to sip.

“I’ve been able to do some beverage work with the flavor both for in-store and at-home recipes,” said Long. “The OREO® ‘n Cold Brew makes an amazing milkshake! I went back for seconds and thirds during the tasting.”

Added Bolger: “Just like Hanna, my preference is sipping the scoop and ordering an OREO® ‘n Cold Brew shake to create a new frozen beverage experience that you will never forget.”

Whether you’re grabbing a spoon or a straw, March’s Flavor of the Month will quickly replace your midday coffee cravings.

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