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Buffalo Wild Wings

Young Superfan Celebrates Third Birthday with Buffalo Wild Wings-Themed Bash

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While you might assume most three-year-olds would request a superhero-, princess- or cartoon-themed birthday party, Emmy Leonard walks to the beat of her own drum.

Emmy’s mom Kayla reached out a few months ago explaining how her daughter was such a big fan of Buffalo Wild Wings and that she wanted to celebrate her third birthday with a Buffalo Wild Wings-themed party.

Impressed by her fandom at such a young age, Buffalo Wild Wings sprang into action to help bring Emmy’s wish to life. The brand compiled a custom box of goodies for the party, including a #3 jersey shirt, a pinata and plates and cups.

Emmy and her family celebrated the day with yellow and black decorations, a Buffalo Wild Wings-styled cake and of course plenty of wings and fries.


When your 2 year old asks for a bdubs birthday party…you give her a damn bdubs birthday party!! 🎉🎈 #fyp #foryoupage #3

♬ Birthday – Anne-Marie

Happy Birthday, Emmy! The Buffalo Wild Wings team was thrilled to play a small part in making your third birthday a little bit more special.