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Arby’s Achieves World Record, Twice, In One Week!

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When Arby’s and engineers at Georgia Tech’s Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology partnered together to etch a sesame seed with the sentence, “a big announcement is coming. This isn’t it,” the world’s smallest ad started a big wave of speculation.

What came next was larger than anyone could have imagined: Arby’s unveiled a 212,000-square foot banner announcing, “Arby’s now has Coke.”

The five-acre ad was confirmed by Guinness World Records as the largest advertising poster and was placed in Monowi, Nebraska, which claims the spot as America’s smallest town with a population of one.

The world’s largest and smallest ads were created to celebrate the partnership of Arby’s and Coca-Cola, two iconic, Atlanta-based brands committed to inspiring and refreshing its customers. Today, guests can find Coca-Cola beverages in more than 3,300 Arby’s restaurants across the United States.

“Arby’s and Coke are brands that make people smile.” Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Arby’s

Arby's and Coca-Cola Partnership

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