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Arby’s Foundation Donates Additional $50,000 for Hurricane Recovery

By Raj Prashad
Presented by: Arby's Foundation

The Arby’s Foundation has committed to donate an additional $50,000 to, which will support teachers and students in areas affected by Hurricane Michael. The Arby’s Foundation previously donated $50,000 to Donors Choose to assist in Hurricane Florence relief efforts.

Through support of the Arby’s Foundation and individual donations, teachers and students at damaged schools can get back to learning as quickly as possible.

In partnership with Donors Choose, the Arby’s Foundation will assist teachers to care for their students and restock their classrooms with materials such as books, furniture and technology resources. Donors Choose will work directly with teachers at impacted schools to create projects for disaster recovery materials they need.

As the Arby’s Foundation gathers more information in the days and weeks to come, it will identify the best ways to continue its support of the longer-term recovery efforts of these communities.