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How an Arby’s Manager Helped a Man Witness the Birth of His Child

By Raj Prashad

Arby’s team members strive to make a difference in their communities, which is exactly what Assistant Manager Angelena Chambers did when she helped a man get to the hospital to witness the birth of his child.

Matt Pearce left the hospital sometime after midnight to get food, thinking he’d have time before the baby arrived. He walked for about 20 minutes or so along the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, before receiving two text messages that his wife was set to have their child. Frantically, he approached Angelena and other restaurant team members, who happened to be walking to their vehicles after closing the Arby’s restaurant #1473 for the night. Matt showed his sticker from the hospital and explained if he tried to walk there he wouldn’t make it in time for the birth of his child, so he needed a ride.

Angelena didn’t think twice and drove him to the hospital, arriving just in time.

“I ran to her room as tons of doctors and nurses were filing in for the delivery,” Matt said. “If I had walked back to the hospital, I wouldn’t have made it in time. That’s a big deal because right after he was born they put him on a table and he wasn’t breathing. After a stressful minute or two of six medical experts working on him they got him breathing and his life began.”

Matt Pearce

Less than a week after his child was born, Matt returned to the same Arby’s restaurant to thank Angelena.

“If it wasn’t for Angie, I wouldn’t be standing there in that photo, looking at our breathing baby for the first time.” Matt Pearce, Guest at Arby’s

For Angelena, helping someone in need is simply leaning into the purpose of inspiring smiles at Arby’s.

“I just try to go above and beyond,” Angelena said. “Matt was so happy. He’s my friend on Facebook and I’ve seen pictures of his son. His son is at home and he still has some health issues, but he’s better than he was.”

“We developed a connection from that one day, and I’ve gained a lifetime friend.”

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