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Sauce and Sophistication: Arby’s Launches “Fancy” Font

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By Raj Prashad

Exactly one year ago, Arby’s released the typeface SAUCY_AF (Arby’s Font), inspired by the legendary Arby’s sauce and designed to be used for any occasion.

On its anniversary, the sandwich brand is taking things to a more elegant level by unveiling the aptly named Fancy_AF.

“Following the launch of Saucy last year, we received many requests to use the font for invitations and special occasions,” said Josh Martin, Senior Director of Digital & Social Media for Arby’s. “We took that as an opportunity to update our font to include a fancy version for those special moments.”

Fancy_AF is an OpenType font that’s usable across all platforms. Unlike Saucy, this font includes swash caps, lowercase and alt caps.

Download Fancy_AF — for FREE — here.