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How SONIC’s Limeades for Learning Program Impacted Heather Hall

By Raj Prashad

Heather Hall can’t imagine what her classroom would look like without the support of SONIC’s Limeades for Learning program. Before the program’s launch in 2009, Heather experienced the challenges thousands of teachers across the country face in furnishing necessary learning materials for their classrooms.

“When I accepted the job, it was a brand-new position. I had very few supplies with a classroom full of kindergarten students ready and eager to learn,” Heather said.

“I started slowly adding resources and materials over time and as my budget would allow. But it really was a challenge during those early years to meet the needs of my students.”

So, when Heather learned about Limeades for Learning — SONIC’s initiative to support public school teachers and their students by providing funds for supplies and innovative teaching techniques in partnership with — she jumped at the opportunity to become involved.

Since signing up as a SONIC Teacher, Heather has received funding for nearly 40 projects over the last 10 years. Through Limeades for Learning, Heather’s classroom has been enhanced by an iPad learning center, a sensory board, literacy games to enhance language development and dozens of other tools.

“If we walked into my classroom today, you would find most of the materials and resources I have were funded from Limeades for Learning. That’s incredible,” Heather said. “This program has transformed my classroom, my career and made my job so enjoyable.”

Now, Heather spends every summer researching and preparing to launch projects through Limeades for Learning.

SONIC donates to public school teacher projects multiple times throughout the school year: during the Fall Voting campaign, during Teacher Appreciation Month in May and through other special funding events throughout the year.

In the fall, the public votes on the classroom projects they want to see brought to life on Each week, SONIC funds the classroom projects with the most votes, giving a total of $1 million to assist teachers over the course of four weeks.

During Teacher Appreciation Month, SONIC will match dollar-for-dollar donations up to $1 million to help public school teachers get the essential supplies they need to inspire their students.

“Limeades for Learning has been the biggest blessing of my teaching career.” Heather Hall, Limeades for Learning teacher

“I could never truly express the gratitude I feel for SONIC and all that they have contributed, not only to me and my school district, but to students and other teachers nationwide.”

Since its inception, SONIC has given nearly $12 million through Limeades for Learning to support public school teachers. Those donations have funded more than 27,000 classroom projects, providing necessary learning materials and teaching resources to support more than 820,000 students.