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Arby’s Unveils Limited-Release Subscription Box Service

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By Raj Prashad

Arby’s is releasing the perfect subscription box for super fans of the sandwich brand — the “Arby’s of the Month” — as a thank you to fans, and to give them more opportunities to get Arby’s merchandise.

For a one-time fee of $25, fans can receive a carefully-curated and themed “Arby’s of the Month” for six consecutive months, filled with sandwich and meat-inspired lifestyle gear.

“’Arby’s of the Month’ is our way of giving back to our fans in a fun and unique way by providing them with the Arby’s branded merchandise they didn’t even know they wanted.” Jim Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Arby’s

After the positive reaction to last year’s holiday launch of the brand’s Meat Sweats, Arby’s wanted to provide its fans with more branded merchandise. Instead of creating random one-offs, Arby’s decided to use a subscription-service based model so that fans would receive a constant supply of Arby’s merch. Fans can expect a variety of items in each box, with the first box including a vintage Arby’s Sled Tray, Bacon Scarf, Arby’s Holiday Beanie as well as a set of temporary Arby’s tattoos designed by Long Beach artist Miguel “Uzi” Montgomery of Port City Tattoo.

Only a limited number of “Arby’s of the Month” subscriptions are available. To sign up, visit