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Arby’s and Pusha T Collaborate Again for a New Country-Style Rib Roast Track and First-Ever Merch Collection

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A follow up to spring’s Spicy Fish Diss, this new track takes aim at “the other rib sandwich” alongside a line of country-style merch

Once again, Arby’s and Pusha T are taking out the competition. After dropping the iconic Spicy Fish Diss Track in March aimed at settling which quick-service restaurant has the better fish sandwich, the duo is releasing a new REAL Country-Style Rib Roast track and music video to celebrate the return of Arby’s REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich.

Putting other “rib” sandwiches on notice, the REAL Country-Style Rib Roast track hits the right notes to celebrate the Texas pit-smoked “country-style” pork rib with crispy onions, melted natural cheddar cheese and smoky BBQ sauce on a toasted star top bun for unmatched flavor.

“We’re on a mission to call out weak sandwiches of questionable quality, and there is no other product that can compare to our REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich or is worthy of Pusha T’s praise,” said Jim Taylor, President of Arby’s. “We’ve spent years perfecting the intricate smoked rib flavors and are proud to have Pusha remind people why Arby’s has the meats — and smokes the competition.”

To further celebrate the REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich, Arby’s and Pusha T collaborated on a limited-edition “country-style” merch collection featuring a trusty sandwich bolo tie, a trucker hat and bandana to match, a custom Pusha Tee, and a custom jacket featuring the iconic Arby’s Ten Gallon Hat logo. Items from the collab can be purchased exclusively at beginning today.

“Rap album of the year. Sandwich of the year. Simple as that — we both give you quality straight from the kitchen. I love the work I’ve been doing with Arby’s — this time around we have to chef up something different and give everyone quality country-inspired merch to go along with the rib sandwich,” said Pusha T.

Smoked for at least eight hours over hickory, the REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich redefines expectations of what a rib sandwich can be. Made with high-quality “country-style” ribs that are marinated and seasoned with garlic powder, red pepper, black pepper, paprika and dark brown sugar and then smoked, the REAL Country-Style Rib Sandwich is available for a limited time at participating locations nationwide, starting at $5.99*.

*Prices may vary depending on location.