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Arby’s Supports Louisiana Medical Personnel During Ongoing Pandemic

By Raj Prashad

Louisana has been one of the states most heavily impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. During this time of need, Arby’s franchisee Miracle Restaurant Group has stepped up to help those impacted by the current conditions.

“We thought it would be important to offer assistance where we can, so we asked our area directors to start thinking of ideas on how we could help, ” said Jeremy Moore, Director of Operations for Miracle Restaurant Group. “One of our directors, Travis Jones, had a great idea to go above and beyond to help medical personnel in Louisiana.”

During one of the hottest Louisiana springs in recent memory, Travis and his team delivered food, desserts and bottles of water at a drive-thru testing site, where medical personnel braved the heat in head-to-toe hazmat suits. They then donated more sandwiches and water directly to an area hospital.

“We’re grateful to be able to continue serving others,” Jones said. “Times like this make it more important than ever to be able to give back and support our community.”

Miracle Restaurant Group has plans to expand its efforts across other impacted areas in Illinois and Texas while continuing to support Louisiana throughout the pandemic.

“In our everyday business, our team understands how important their roles are in uplifting the people we encounter in our drive-thru and our restaurants,” Moore said. “We have a real opportunity to touch their lives and that really carries over into situations like this. Any opportunity we have, big or small, can be very impactful.”