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Delaware Arby’s Makes Halloween Dreams Come True

By Raj Prashad

Thanks to the help of Michael Hastings, General Manager of an Arby’s in Delaware, a young girl named Carley won first prize in her local Boys & Girls Club costume contest and will be joining her friends trick-or-treating in a full Arby’s uniform.

It all started when Carley’s grandmother came into Arby’s and asked to speak with Michael. She showed him a video of Carley talking about how much she loves Arby’s and that she’d like to dress up as a drive-thru team member this year.

Wanting to give Carley the full Arby’s experience, he set up a mock interview where she impressed him with her passion for the brand. After agreeing to bring her on board as an honorary new team member, Michael gave Carley a tour of the restaurant and introduced her to fellow team members. He then provided Carley with her very own apron, hat, headset, cups and a serving tray to complete the costume.

“I was nearly in tears,” Michael said.

“I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. For someone to come in and make me a video, it was a simple act of kindness.


And I just wanted to return the favor and make her Halloween dreams come true.”

Michael Hastings, General Manager, Arby’s

Carley’s costume was a hit at the Boys & Girls Club, where out of nearly 300 contestants, she was awarded first place in her age group. According to Carley’s grandmother, she received hundreds of compliments at the contest and couldn’t wait to go back to Arby’s to celebrate her win. So they arrived back at Arby’s that night to show off her certificate to the team and pose for a group picture.

On Halloween night, donned in her Arby’s uniform, Carley plans to continue representing the brand with her tremendous energy and infectious smile. Thank you Michael for making a difference in Carley’s life and your community.

Michael Hastings mock interviewing Carley.

Carlie celebrates with Arby's team members

Carley and her cousins celebrating with Arby’s team members.

Carley and her new friend from Arby’s, Brittany Hastings.