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The Vision Behind the Escape to Football Campaign

By Raj Prashad

“When football is on, fans want be in front of the game. But there are things in life that keep you away.”

That all too common reality, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising Jeff Baker explains, was the spark behind Buffalo Wild Wings new fall advertising campaign, Escape to Football.

“For most people, there’s truth to these spots, whether you’re stuck in an office meeting after hours or going on the obligatory show-you-my-new-house tour,” Jeff said.

“The campaign represents something that’s true to who we are.


It represents the experience we deliver in the restaurants. Fans are escaping to a place where there’s nowhere better to watch the game.”

Jeff Baker, Vice President of Marketing and Advertising, Buffalo Wild Wings

Although only a few months into his new role, Jeff is no stranger to Buffalo Wild Wings. He was first introduced to the brand several years ago on the agency side, when he helped create the famous overtime TV commercials. Prior to Buffalo Wild Wings, he spent four years with Arby’s where he introduced the iconic “We Have the Meats” advertising campaign.

“It’s fun to be back,” Jeff said. “I see a lot of opportunity here.”

While Buffalo Wild Wings has seen early success with the Escape to Football campaign, it’s only just the beginning as the brand continues its evolution.

“This campaign is a bit of a bridge,” Jeff added. “We intentionally built something with Escape to Football that would be effective for this football season. This won’t be a forever campaign. We’re currently working on building out the longer term advertising articulation of the new positioning for the brand.”

Check out the new Escape to Football ads here: