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Start Spreading the News: Dunkin’ Teams Up with Backdrop for First-Ever Paint Collection

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In recent years, Dunkin’ has introduced new and exciting ways for people to show their brand love and passion for pink and orange, helping fans bring the colors of Dunkin’ to their wardrobe, their weddings, and now, for the first time, their walls. Dunkin’ today unveiled a collaboration with Backdrop, the innovative online paint retailer, to introduce the first-ever, limited-edition collection of Dunkin’ inspired paint. The Dunkin’ inspired pink and orange paint colors, available in half gallons for $39 exclusively at, are a true extension of Backdrop’s ethos that proves painting to be a fun and accessible way to transform a space.

For home design with a dash of Dunkin’, Backdrop has created two new interior paints featuring Dunkin’s signature shades, making it easy for anyone to give their walls a pop of pink or a splash of orange. Working together, the Backdrop and Dunkin’ teams ensured that each can of paint matches the brand’s iconic hues, bringing to life the energy and enthusiasm Dunkin’s colors represent to millions of fans who rely on Dunkin’ coffee, espresso, donuts and breakfast sandwiches to keep them running.

The collaboration marks the first time Backdrop has offered half gallons of their recyclable, stainless steel cans — a perfect quantity for accent walls and playful shapes. Only a limited number of cans will be available, so fans are encouraged to order quickly before the supply of this special new paint dries up.

“Our fans have absolutely loved the fresh new ways we’ve helped them show their Dunkin’ passion and pride over the years,” said Jamie Kelly, Associate Manager, Strategic Partnerships at Dunkin’. “With home improvements on the rise this year, we’re thrilled to team up with Backdrop to give Dunkin’ devotees the opportunity to really bring home their love for our brand with a fresh coat of paint for the ultimate home décor.”

“Dunkin’ is an iconic American brand and we couldn’t be more thrilled to launch their first paint colors. The sensorial overlap between donuts and icing and sprinkles and paint, combined with Dunkin’s vibrant brand colors make for the perfect collaboration,” said Natalie Ebel, Co-Founder of Backdrop. “We hope brand fans have just as much fun bringing these colors to life in their homes as we did creating them.”