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Arby’s Foundation and Franchisee Donate $100,000 to After-School Program

By Raj Prashad

When Arby’s franchisee Joe Brumit learned students in Buncombe County, North Carolina, were struggling in school, he knew Arby’s needed to help. Bringing together local parents, students and teachers, Brumit Restaurant Group and the Arby’s Foundation have donated over $100,000 to support Asheville’s Homework Diners, an innovative after-school program.

Organized by United Way of Asheville and Buncombe County, Homework Diners allow families to work with teachers and tutors each week outside the classroom. Before diving into schoolwork, parents and students enjoy a free, nutritious dinner to give them brainpower for the challenges ahead. Attendees then receive one-on-one help, giving both students and parents the chance to get to know teachers in a comfortable setting.

Each week, eight Arby’s team members roll up their sleeves to prepare, serve and clean up dinner for families from over 30 area schools. Sometimes, team members even jump in to help students with their homework assignments. No matter how they’re serving, these volunteers are making a difference in their community.

“It’s inspiring to see how appreciative these kids are — they take nothing for granted. I’m so thankful to work for an organization that uses its resources for the betterment of our children.” Mike Hicks, Brumit Restaurant Group

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