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Regional Support Center Visits Amusement Park for Summer Picnic

By Raj Prashad

Regional Support Center team members were joined by Inspire Brands executives for an afternoon of fun, great food and action-packed roller coaster rides at the Valleyfair amusement park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Summer Picnic gave team members quality time with their families and a well-deserved break from their hard work.

The afternoon included thrill rides like the exhilarating 68 mph Steel Venom rollercoaster and family-fun riding Antique Autos on the park’s quarter-mile scenic track. Team members and their families were also treated to a catered picnic dinner with Inspire executives, including CEO Paul Brown.

“We were thrilled to spend the day with our team members and their families and hope they all had a great time, too.” Melissa Strait, Chief People Officer, Inspire Brands

Melissa Meyer and her family enjoy an outing at BWW's Summer Picnic.

Buffalo Wild Wings team members enjoyed the Flying Eagles ride at Valleyfair.

Buffalo Wild Wings team members enjoyed dinner at Picnic Point at Valleyfair.