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U.S. Navy Military Spouse Shares Her 12-Year Career at Jimmy John’s

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By Jessica Shock

This Military Appreciation Month, we’re honoring the service and sacrifice of veterans, military members, and military spouses across the Inspire family and in our communities. 

Meet Kelsey Montgomery, a New Franchise and New Market Coordinator for Jimmy John’s. She’s been with the brand for 12 years, and recently relocated from Seattle, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida with her husband, Zackary, an active-duty U.S. Navy Aircrewman. 

“My career journey has been wild! I started as a Jimmy John’s In Shopper in 2011 and worked my way up to my current role.” Kelsey has held several roles during her Jimmy John’s career, including training manager, business coach, and sales growth specialist. “I’ve been on the New Franchise and New Market team since it was created three years ago.” 

As a military spouse and Franchise Operations team member, Kelsey has experienced her share of travel. She spends much of her day traveling to meet with Jimmy John’s franchisees and team members in various regions. “Zackary has been in the Navy since 2015, and we’ve been through three deployments together,” she says. “When he’s gone, my travel-heavy job gets even more complicated.”

Their recent military orders to Florida were no exception, but Kelsey’s colleagues rallied around her with the teamwork and friendship she needed.  

For Kelsey, maintaining a work-life balance between military life and her professional life is vital. “My supervisor is full of grace and genuinely cares about our team,” she says. “I’ve met some of the best people through my work, but there’s so much opportunity to make connections outside of the brand, too. I like the community that Inspire provides.”  

To learn more about how Inspire is fostering a supportive workplace for veterans and others, visit the Inclusion & Diversity page of our Careers site.