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SONIC Drive-In Emphasizes Truck Driver Service During COVID-19 Outbreak

By Raj Prashad

While most of America is doing its best to stay indoors as much as possible, truck drivers are keeping the country supplied during the COVID-19 outbreak by spending countless hours on the road. More than ever, they need a place to stop for a quick bite to eat or park and rest for a moment, while they enjoy a burger and a shake.

For Tommy and Julie Dorries in Valliant, Oklahoma, and Ricky Davis in Fordyce, Arkansas, their SONIC Drive-In locations have long been popular destinations for truck drivers thanks to their custom, height-adjusted stalls. But especially now, these locations have become a perfect stop as truck drivers complete their rigorous schedules.

“We’ve had semi-trucks, ambulances and when school is in, school buses come through our drive-in,” Davis said. “In the last few weeks, we’ve definitely seen more trucks come through as demand has picked up across the country.”

While these franchisees have received plenty of recognition over the years, it’s recently been amplified by their efforts at this difficult time.

“In more than 40 years at SONIC, this has got to be one of the things I’m most proud of,” Davis said. “So many in the truck driving community from all over the country have called or reached out to tell us they appreciate what we’re doing. This is a tough situation and it could get worse. We really feel like we’re doing something meaningful here because you never expect to experience anything like this. But we’re grateful to be in a position to help.”

While these drive-ins have custom-built flexibility for truck drivers, all SONIC locations are well-equipped to provide contactless order and payment for truck drivers and all guests.

“At every SONIC, we’re well-positioned to continue serving our communities,” Davis said. “Especially thanks to the SONIC app, where you can pick out what you want and pay for it with your card in the app. If you’re a truck driver, we have room to park and they can walk over to the patio to get their food. Otherwise, you just pull into a stall, type the stall number in your app and before you know it, you’ve got your food.”