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WATCH: Baskin-Robbins Featured on Jeopardy!

By Raj Prashad


This week on America’s favorite gameshow, Jeopardy!, Baskin-Robbins was featured as an answer under the “Do Me a Flavor” category. Home to more than 1,300 flavors over the last 75 years, Baskin-Robbins’ seasonal ice cream flavor Pink Bubblegum drew the distinction of being highlighted.

Baskin-Robbins first created Pink Bubblegum in 1970 as a tribute to bubblegum lovers everywhere. It features vanilla-based ice cream turned pink with bubble gum-flavor along with candy-coated real pieces of bubble gum, making it a treat that’s double the fun!

Check out the video above to see Baskin-Robbins on Jeopardy! and don’t miss the current Flavor of the Month, Chocolate Trilogy, available through the end of January.