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Arby’s Serves National Guard During Hurricane Relief Efforts

By Raj Prashad

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence’s devastation, the National Guard has remained in the area for more than a month helping communities across the Carolina.

Recognizing the Guard’s hard work, Arby’s franchisees Joni Johnson and Kathy Buschack took the opportunity to make a difference. Despite also having been affected by the storm themselves, Joni and Kathy jumped into action to bring free Arby’s sandwiches to nearly 100 service men and women.

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“We were happy to find a way to give back and make a difference in the community. It touched my heart how happy they were to be helping everyone out.”


The outpouring of concern and generosity was just incredible.” Joni Johnson, former Arby’s franchise operator

Thank you to Joni and Kathy for making a difference in your community.

Arby's serves National Guard during Hurricane Relief

Arby’s served the National Guard in South Carolina during Hurricane relief efforts.