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Author Adam Chandler: “All the Meats Live in the Arby’s Universe”

By Raj Prashad

Throughout Adam Chandler’s new book, “Drive-Thru Dreams,” he explores the culture and history of America’s favorite fast-food eateries. That’s why he held a launch event at Arby’s in Manhattan, nodding to the brand’s significant role in the evolution of the quick-service industry.

“Arby’s is one of those great brands that embodies the diversity of QSR, from specializing in roast beef sandwiches to creating so many new sandwich offerings today,” Adam said.

Adam spoke about his inspiration for writing the book, growing up around the fast-food industry in Texas and of course, his love of Arby’s. He also read an excerpt about his conquest nearly five years ago to defeat the mighty ‘Meat Mountain,’ which is made up of eight different meats. Adam used the secret-menu item as an example of how Arby’s keeps its fans coming back by giving them protein-packed sandwiches they can’t find anywhere else in the industry.

“Arby’s can create and craft all these wild sandwiches that aren’t possible for other brands,” Adam said.

“That’s because all the meats live in the Arby’s universe. It’s really the Arby’s kingdom.”

To read more about Adam’s passion for Arby’s and the QSR industry, check out “Drive-Thru Dreams,” which can be found on Amazon and at most national bookstores.